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contemporary video artist

Luke Seward is a visual artist & curator born and raised in Louisville, KY. He completed a BFA in photography at the Hite Art Institute before receiving an MFA in video and installation from the University of Connecticut, where he served as the Visiting Director of Contemporary Art Galleries from 2020 - 2022.


His grandmother Chris, who was often covered in sequins from head to toe, set the tone for his interest in visual art. Her trailer home served as a portal, an influential kaleidoscope dedicated to DIY fashion, rare objects, and taboo acts.


Seward is the co-founder of Sit Still Projects, a digital gallery space dedicated to the contemporary moving image through online exhibition programming and pop up screenings. He has recently exhibited work at Plexus Projects, ODETTA, LMAK Gallery, Arthelix and URSA Gallery. He participated as an Independent Curator in SPRING/BREAK Art Show NYC 2021 HEARSAY:HERESY with US based artist Magdalena Pawlowski and UK based artist Eden Dodd

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